November 20-24, 2018, 3 teachers from “Lorelay” Primary School participated.

The first transnational meeting took place from November 20-24 in Cumiana, near Turin, Italy. Three teachers from each school participated. During the meeting, the necessary activities for the project, themes, locations, and responsible parties were established.

The purpose of the “MADE together in Europe” project is to facilitate communication between different cultures belonging to the countries involved in the project, as well as learning through art, as art uses a universal language that unites us all within diversity.

The connection with music, poetry, and movement, found in all traditional songs, not only leads to understanding the local traditions and cultural heritage of each country but also creates a path for communication and closeness with other countries and cultures. In this way, our program’s goal aligns with the European Year of Cultural Heritage to encourage people, especially students, to discover and collaborate regarding European cultural heritage and strengthen their sense of belonging to the common European space.

Moreover, the project will contribute to the development of the European school profile and integrate innovative practices into the curriculum.

Co-founded by the European Union
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