Project name: Inclusive break: equal opportunities in educational centers

Project number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000032638
roject number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000032638

Duration: 18 months

Coordinator: Fundacion Aspaym Castilla y Leon (Spain)

Born to promote inclusion, the Inclusive Break project aims to transform the leisure time spent at school into a shared learning space that supports the integration of all. Through the Inclusive Break project, improvements in the quality of school time are expected, promoting acceptance of others, giving proper attention to the needs of students, helping them feel integrated, and raising awareness of the difficulties they may face.
• Increase the transferability of innovative and non-formal methodologies through the development of an interactive manual;
• Create innovative practices in the field of school education by developing a working methodology based on non-formal education and the development of inclusive activities to identify, improve, and evaluate skills significant for the personal and social development of students;
• Encourage the disappearance of stereotypes and aggressive behaviors among students;
• Organizational development of 6 institutions with different cultural and organizational experiences.
• Investigation of innovative and non-formal pedagogical methodology;
• Development of an inclusive and interactive manual;
• Development of dynamic activities;
• Experimentation of the methodology with students;
• Recording project process resources;
• Presentation of the methodology.
• You can download the interactive manual here: link
• You can view video materials here: link